Friday, 8 March 2013 comes

Finally and initially, I get my personal legal blog successfully setup. I've been considering to start blogging for a long time because I've had enough w/ my poor legal writing. As a student who has studied in law school for more than one and half years, I find it will still spend me a prolonged time to finish one little essay which requires just one or two thousand words. The struggle feeling of extracting and piecing together words, phrases and sentences from text/case books really makes me crazy. So I realized things must be changed. is the first step I carry out my plan. The ration behind is simple: if you want to improve, then  keep practicing. I've spent one day in coding and setting up this blog and I don't want to waste my effort. So I believe I will press on w/ writing. As writing going on, I believe I will be a better Lawyer.

Another benefit that I think I can gain from writing a legal blog is it will help me to learn law in a active and critical way.  Before, I only read passively, sometimes, I even don't know what I am reading. It's like the content I read never goes into my thought. IMOHO, writing as a Lawyer is a good tool to test whether I've actually understood those laws I learned. So, once I can't writing anything, it means I need to go back to learn and truly absorb the knowledge.

Anyway, I started up, the next thing is to be persistent.

PS: sth. technical need to be mentioned. I'm also a code farmer, So I setup this blog by myself. I chose django as webframework. I really appreciate for its clean design which helps me reduced the time to do coding stuffs. The hosting provider I used is openshift, which offers good free tier service to developers. I like openshift a lot because I don't have any thing to pay for hosting services. Besides my poor English, I've a poor pocket. lol

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